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The UM eHealth Unit (UMeHU) was established in 2020 with the aim to use ICT to improve healthcare for patients and community. UMeHU comprises researchers, healthcare providers, computer scientists and industry representatives. We collaborate with academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs, consumer groups and industries to conduct research, enhance teaching and learning and innovate healthcare delivery.

The UM eHealth Unit (UMeHU) consists of four Divisions. They are:

  • eLearning Division – To provide support to FOM educators and students by innovating teaching and learning using technology and instructional design.
  • mHealth & Telehealth Division - To support clinicians and researchers to develop, evaluate and implement innovative digital health solutions.
  • Health Informatics Division – To conduct training for undergraduate and postgraduate students via seminars, workshops, and postgraduate certificate, diploma and Master’s programmes on health informatics.
  • EMR & Clinical Registries Division – To work collaboratively with UMMC and other relevant stakeholders to enhance the electronic medical record usability and utility as well as to build clinical databases for quality improvement and big data analysis.