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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

At the Robotics and Articifial Intelligence Section, we aim to;

To explore the potential usage of robots in patient management. 

To bestow artificial intelligence for robots used in healthcare. 

To develop artificial intelligence as a diagnostic and management tool in medical care. 

To exploit artificial intelligence in learning and teaching processes. 

To address ethical and legal issues arising from the incorporation of robots and artificial intelligence in healthcare.







Dr Norhamizan is a rehabilitation medicine physician who specialises in traumatic, acquired brain injury and cognitive rehabilitation. She applies robotic and advanced technology in her rehabilitation treatment method. Currently she leads the Clinic of Robotic, Exercise and Advanced Technology (C.R.E.A.T.E) at UMMC. This specifically involves robotic-based treatment prescription, clinical digital data and AI analysis and conducting clinical robotic research. She is also a panel member of clinical experts (PACER) with Motus Academy (Fourier Intelligence) and is working closely together with the Biomedical Engineer colleagues.


We conduct trainings and workshops to promote awareness and educate people on the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. 



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