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Training and Development

Training on Integrating Merrill's First Principles of Instruction in Teaching & Learning (T&L)

The session was held in July 2020 to expose 10 academic staff from RUKA to integrate an ID model for effective teaching and learning session. The topic covered includes the guiding principles for selecting or designing engaging approaches, assessment for online learning.

Teaching Tools for Digital Classroom January 2021 Series

As we continue to design lessons for online environments, how do we selectively choose teaching tools to engage students online? In this series, you have the opportunity to design your own interactive lesson using three different platforms by incorporating these tools in Teams as well as using them independently. The workshops are:

    Series 1: Make every lesson interactive with Nearpod
    Series 2: Engage students with Edpuzzle and Nearpod
    Series 3: Make learning fun with Blendpsace

Digital Content Curation February 2021 Series

Content curation enables a huge range of digital resources to be arranged in a usable and accessible way. In this series, you have the opportunity to 'curate content' by using three different platforms to manage your digital information so that you can virtually ‘file’ and share with students the quality articles, resources and media in Spectrum, Teams as well as using them independently. The workshops are:

    Series 1: Engage and Amplify with Flipgrid
    Series 2: Digital storytelling with Microsoft Sway
    Series 3: Create and collaborate via Padlet

Assessment for Learning (AfL) March 2021 Series

Do you want to empower students to take an active part in their own learning? AfL is an ongoing assessment approach to teaching and learning that creates feedback which is then used to improve students’ performance. AfL allows educators to monitor students on a day-to-day basis and modify their teaching based on what the students need to be successful. AfL aims to close the gap between a student's current situation and where they want to be in their learning and achievement. In this series, we will look at two different tools to assess students' learning. When educators use online assessment tools, students are actively engaging in the learning process, rather than passively absorbing information. Skilled educators plan tasks that help students to become more involved in the learning process. The workshops are: 

    Series 1: Turn students into owners of learning with Insert Learning
    Series 2: Put every student on the path to success with Edulastic

Creative Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards

Educators across the globe have experienced a seismic shift from physical to digital spaces. Even the whiteboard, a staple in classrooms has taken the digital leap, so you can pair the benefits of visual thinking, teaching, and collaboration with the convenience of technology. Are you an educator searching for a free, virtual whiteboard for your online teaching? In this series, you will be exploring different types of online whiteboards that have collaboration, features, unlimited canvas, the ability to attach files, presentation options, and accessibility on mobile devices.